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Make Your Own Video Launch Event

"Wow! We've Made It This Far!"

...were the words running through my head as I prepared to address an expectant crowd in Home Deli, Birmingham, last Thursday evening. The culmination of two years’ work was finally upon us as we proudly celebrated the launch of Make Your Own Video Training Academy.

“Social media has changed the video production industry for good,”

I told a forty-strong audience of business owners, entrepreneurs and communications professionals. Social users are consuming content in unprecedented amounts, which means it’s no longer viable for businesses to hire a professional video production company to meet demand. If they want to have an effective social media presence, they now have to think about making their own promotional videos in house.

A recent survey by Vidyard of 500 businesses unearthed some staggering results: 85% of these businesses have assigned at least one member of staff as their video content producer, and they’re making an average of 18 videos a month.

When you consider that the average cost of a professionally produced short promo video is a thousand pounds, that’s a lot of budget you could be saving by learning how to make your own. Couple that with the fact that most of us are already walking around with at least one HD camera and mobile editing studio, it really is the perfect time for businesses to invest in their video marketing capabilities.

That’s exactly why we set up Make Your Own Video Training Academy – to teach sole traders, business owners, entrepreneurs and employees how to make their own promotional videos for web and social media using their devices.

The Academy offers books, workshops and online learning materials

to enable businesses to plan, shoot, edit and upload an unlimited number of videos – for less than the cost of just one professionally produced video.

At the launch we also unveiled our handbook – Make Your Own Videos, which can be purchased here. We wrote the book for two reasons: as a standalone tutorial for people who are familiar with technology and are comfortable learning by themselves, and as a companion to our 2-day workshop. The workshop is aimed at people who would prefer practical guidance through the video making process. Our workshops will be held monthly and start in Birmingham in September this year. Workshops can be booked here.

Both the concept and the handbook were well received by those who attended the launch, with several books sold and some significant interest in workshop bookings. We’d like to thank everyone for coming along to support us. Particular thanks goes to Dennis Davis for the photography, Oliver Hodges for videography and Eleanor Nouhov for cupcakes . The video will be coming soon so watch this space!

For more information on Make Your Own Video Training Academy visit:


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