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3 Videos Your Company Should Be Using Today To Get Noticed

If you run a business that wants to take its first baby steps into the new and exciting world of video communications, you might be wondering where the heck to start.

We know what concerns people have at this stage because we asked, and listened. One of the biggest barriers to getting started is not knowing what to say. Well worry no more, because we have the answer. In this post we’re going to hand to you on a platter no less than three video ideas to get you off the blocks.

Used as part of your communications and marketing strategy, video can be a valuable asset. What gives it the edge over other forms of content is its unique combination of footage, words, music and graphics that, when combined, can create a powerful cocktail of emotional stimuli.

Specifically, video can:

  • Visually demonstrate a process or a product that might otherwise take hundreds of written words to describe;

  • Help to faster establish the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor by giving a more truthful representation of the people behind the brand;

  • Spark new neural pathways in the brain to make the viewer connect what they’ve watched to situations in their own lives, thus making the content more memorable.

We’re going to give you three ideas for videos you could start making today. With a bit of video know-how, they’re certainly simple enough to make on your smartphone, yet they could make a big impact on your business.

Let’s get started…


According to Wyzowl 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it.

We recommend making a separate explainer video for each different product or service you offer rather than covering off everything in one video. A customer of one product might not be the customer of another, so you’ll lose viewers if the video isn’t relevant.

The trick with explainer videos is to talk about benefits as well as features. It’s vitally important to clearly state the problem this product or service solves for the target customer. Think about WHY they would want to buy it, not just WHAT they’re buying.

Here’s an example of an explainer video that has been made using a mobile device.


AKA ‘Meet the team videos’ if you have more than one person in your business. These videos show the people behind the brand. You can really have some fun with these. The whole point is they’re supposed to be a little bit off the wall so they show the human side of your business.

People do business with people, no matter what you make, sell or offer, so making a video about your team or the individuals in your team can really go some way to establishing that KLT factor. Get creative with these videos. The best ones reflect the individuality of the people in them. Talk about stuff that’s unrelated to work such as likes/ dislikes, hobbies, strange habits, whatever is suitable to broadcast.

Team videos can be used on the team page of your website and if the videos are about individuals, they can also be used in your email signatures and on your social media profiles.

Here’s a fun example of a team video. It’s been made with professional gear but you could easily make something similar with a mobile device.


Why try to convince potential new customers just how awesome you are when you could get your existing customers to do it for you? Testimonials can be powerful persuaders, especially if your satisfied customer has a great story to reinforce the reason they love you so much.

If you, or your product or service has made a big impact on someone, you’ll find they’re more than happy to sing your praises. Interviewing them is usually kinder than asking them to talk straight to camera. Have some questions ready, set up your gear, sit them down and let them talk.

Testimonial videos work well on a home page and your social channels. You can also share them in newsletters.

Here’s an example of a Testimonial video that has been made with professional filming equipment but could easily be replicated on a mobile device.

These three types of videos are the perfect compliment to your website and are also highly shareable on your social platforms. They’re also a really useful way to start your foray into video communications.

We have five video templates – we call them Storyboards – in our book, Make Your Own Videos, including these three. The book takes you step by step through how to film, edit and upload a video to social media. You can get your copy here.

We also hold workshops if you prefer the hands-on learning style. You can find out where and when by clicking here.


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