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30 Types Of Video To Help Turn Viewers Into Customers

One of the most common questions we get asked by people starting their video marketing journey is, “What do I make videos about?”. At Make Your Own Video Training Academy we have a solution: we have created templates for different types of videos. We call them our Storyboards. These are simple 5-step guides that can be adapted to suit any type of business and any message. In our handbook you’ll find five storyboards for the most popular types of promotional videos. We are also constantly creating more templates, which are available to purchase from our website ( We thought it would be useful to put together a list of more types of videos you might want to make as a business owner or employee. As a suggestion of when and how you might use them, we’ve categorised them into the five stages of a customer’s journey: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, Retention.

AWARENESS – videos to make prospective customers aware of your brand, product, service or offer

1. Overview Video

A short video giving the headlines of what you can offer. Keep it simple – don’t be tempted to cram too much information into one video, and stay away from the finer details at this stage. Focus on the benefits rather than the features of your offering.

2. Commercial

A 30 second commercial might be all you need to raise awareness in your product or service. There are plenty of opportunities to screen your commercial online – through YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.

3. Trailer/ Highlights Video

As with a film trailer, you can get a lot of information across in a short video. A trailer can be useful for promoting an event or an experience such as a book or performance.

4. Culture Video

Every organisation has a culture, and often it’s the culture rather than the products that your customers identify with. Talk about your brand values and ethics and make sure you include the office dog!r performance.

5. Tour Video

Take your audience on a video tour. You might want to show off your office and introduce your team, or you might want to showcase a property you’re selling. A Tour video is the next best thing to being there.

6. Showreel

A Showreel video is usually set to music and captures the very best aspects of your offering. This could be short clips of your organisation in action, sound bites from happy customers, and clips of your products or services.

INTEREST – videos to give interested prospects more information about your brand, products or services

7. Explainer Video

Make individual videos that go into more details about your products or services. Remember that a customer of one product might not be a customer of another, so it’s important to make separate explainer videos and place them where your interested viewers are most likely to see them. Explain the features of your product/ service, and how users will benefit from them.

8. How-to Video

‘How To… is one of the most common YouTube search terms. If viewers are searching for a solution to a problem, help them out. Showing your prospective customers how to do something can establish you as an authority on your subject whilst making people more aware of your brand.

9. Expert Video

Establish yourself as the ‘go to’ expert in your field by explaining subjects, issues or concepts through video. Keep it short and avoid too much detail or jargon. A short video is more engaging than pages of text.