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Zero To Confident In 2 Days

This is exactly what one of our learners said he’d become by the end of our 2-day video training workshop. It was music to our ears.

Last week we held our first official video training workshop in Birmingham. The venue was the uber cool Alpha Works, with fantastic facilities and a great view over the city. Our delegates arrived with their mobile devices and buckets of enthusiasm, but very little idea about how they could start to grow their brands with video.

On day one, after we’d shown them how to assemble their filming kit, we sent our learners out to shoot a 10 second video – with no guidance. We wanted them to have a benchmark of how far they’d travelled by the end of the two days. We have to confess, it gave us a strange sort of pleasure watching them squirming around outside their comfort zone, knowing that in just a few hours their skill and confidence levels would have increased ten-fold.

The rest of the morning was taken up with planning – getting to know their audience, devising a video strategy and writing scripts using our Storyboard templates. We then looked at the practical aspects of shooting a video such as locations, lighting, sound and framing. The afternoon was all about filming. It gave us such a sense of pride to see our learners throwing themselves into it and ratcheting up their creativity. One delegate asked the rest of the group if they would do a spot of acting, while she contorted herself onto a windowsill to get the angle she needed. A fit of the giggles later, and she had her shot.

Apparently our frivolity roused intrigue around the building, with people popping in to our room to find out what was going on.

The pace of day two was a little more relaxed, with our learners getting their heads around the principles of editing. We know that editing is the part that some people fear, especially the self-confessed technophobes. Whilst people learn at different speeds, we found that our approach suited every delegate regardless of their levels of technical confidence and aptitude. They were all, without exception, able to shoot, edit and upload a complete video.

At the end of day two, our learners took turns to show their videos on the big screen – a proud moment for them and for us. It’s important to us that as many delegates as possible retain their learning and put it into practice straight away, so we set them the MYOVDO 5 Day Challenge – making a different type of video every day for five days. We can’t wait to see their results.

More importantly, we want to follow their video marketing journey over a period of time so we can see how their reach and engagement increases as a result of making videos.

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