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Make Your Own Videos - The Handbook

“It’s 2017 – why have you published a physical book and not an ebook?” asked one of the delegates at our launch event last week.

“Because you can’t film with your mobile device and read a book on it at the same time,” was my reply.

I’ve always loved books. I love the smell and the feel of them. I love fingering through the pages and dipping in and out as I please. So I’m immensely proud to be the co-author of an actual, physical book: Make Your Own Videos.

But I also love technology; the exponential growth of mobile technology has enabled us to set up Make Your Own Video Training Academy, teaching business owners, entrepreneurs and employees how to make their own promotional videos for web and social media using their mobile devices.

Make Your Own Videos, the Handbook,

is one of the ways you can learn to make your own videos through our academy. It was written by Glyn Allen and myself – two video producers with a combined 40 years of experience making promotional videos for brands. The book is aimed at business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs and employees who want to invest in their video marketing and learn how to make their own promotional videos.

The book takes you through the foundations of planning, shooting, editing and uploading videos in simple steps. It also includes five of our storyboard blueprints for five different types of promotional videos. Following the storyboards removes the uncertainty of what to say in your videos and how to structure them.

In the book you will also discover among other things, how to create an effective video marketing strategy, essential video production techniques, how to become an authentic presenter, the principles of video editing and how to share your videos on social media.

You can buy the book here. Once you’ve read the book we encourage you to get involved with the MYOVDO community by joining our closed Facebook group (details can be found in the back of the book) and by hashtagging your uploaded videos with #MYOVDO and #videorevolution.

After reading the book you may want some further practical training; book onto one of our 2-day workshops where our experienced trainers will guide you through the journey of making a video from start to finish. To book a workshop, click here.

For more information on Make Your Own Video Training Academy visit:


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