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2 Day Workshops - September 2017

“The only source of knowledge is experience,” so said Albert Einstein. Whilst delivering a video training workshop in Bristol last week, the light bulb moments came thick and fast as our learners set down their pens, got up from their desks and put their theory into practice. It was, for us, truly satisfying to watch.

Our two-day video training workshops are specifically designed to take learners on a practical journey through the planning, shooting, editing and uploading of a promotional video. Whilst our handbook is great for learners who are more confident with technology and are happy to work alone, our workshops are better suited to those who prefer step by step guidance from a trainer, and the collaborative experience of learning as part of a group.

Book your place on a Birmingham workshop here. On day one, you’ll learn how to assemble your equipment, set objectives for your videos, understand your audience, how to write a script, choose a location, set the lighting and sound, and how to present naturally to camera. You’ll then work in pairs to film your video.

On day two you’ll learn all about editing. From the comments we receive, we know that video editing is the part that puts many people off learning how to make their own videos. But we make it simple. We teach you about the principles of video editing and we show you a simple editing workflow that can be applied to any editing application. By the end of the workshop you will have filmed your video and edited it with text, music and effects.

Some people are happy to upload and start sharing the video they’ve made, while others prefer to tweak it in their own time. We encourage learners to login to the resources area of the website, using the access code we give you at the end of the workshop. Resources include videos demonstrating equipment set up and editing techniques, and downloadable PDF checklists. We also encourage learners to join our Facebook forum for ongoing support from trainers and peers. We would love to see your videos as you start sharing them, so if you use the hashtags #MYOVDO and #videorevolution, we can share them too.


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