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Video is here to stay. It has become a preferred way of sharing and gathering information online. If you want to make quick, simple, attention-grabbing videos to raise voices, raise awareness and raise funds without hiring a video production company every time, this course is for you.

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What you will get:

24/7 access

Watch on any device

5 Sections, 26 Modules

No technical jargon

Video tutorials

Downloadable worksheets

Bonus material

Consultation support available

What You Will Need Image

What you will need

MYOVDO Handbook.jpg

What next?

Access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. Tablets and computers give you the best experience.

You may also find it useful to have a paper and pen for note taking.

Buy our handbook. It makes a fantastic companion to our courses and workshops.

We recommend you buy some basic equipment before you start.

Take one of our online courses. Find out more here.


“Excellent, credible, relevant and practical without being overly mercenary. This mini course taught me a lot about what I needed to be doing and I am highly likely to attend a further course. The cheat sheet was excellent.” 

Jonathan Ratcliffe

JMR Sales & Consultancy


“I found the course genuinely useful. The style of delivery was personable, free from jargon and not pushy! Your approach made me want to learn more with MYOVDO and I think this will interest a wide range of people.”

Romany Ghani

Fashion Retailer


“The advice in this free course is practical and covers areas of video production I hadn’t thought of. I didn’t think it was possible to produce professional-looking videos using just a mobile phone.”

Rob Powell

Musician & Voice-over Artist

MYOVDO Consultations Image

Course Consultation

We offer a phone/video-call consultation service, ideal if you have any questions, would like an appraisal of your videos, or if you need support or advice with any aspect of video making. Consultations are charged by the hour.

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