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Charity Free Webinar


How to make attention-grabbing videos with your smartphone - your journey starts here!

We invite you to watch our free value-packed webinar, How To Get Better At Video.

As a charity, voluntary organisation or social enterprise, you're often forced to choose between spending funds on providing a service... or on promoting it.

We believe you should be able to do both.

At Make Your Own Video Training Academy we offer workshops and online learning materials that teach you how to make attention-grabbing videos quickly with just a smartphone and a few simple accessories. 

Access our FREE webinar below.

And that learning starts here. In a brisk 57 minutes we cover a huge amount of really valuable content:

  • Why video is such an effective method of communication

  • What is a “well-made” video?

  • How and why you should be “authentic”

  • Video and the “trust factor”

  • Building a viewer profile

  • Common barriers to making and using video... and how to overcome them

  • Video as part of a communications strategy

  • Storyboards and how to use them

  • Gaining confidence and overcoming camera shyness

  • The 5 Ps of presenting

  • DIY vs call-in-the-professionals

  • Equipment — what you need and (more importantly) what you don’t need…

… And more.

There are also download links to free resources and templates* — such as creating a viewer profile and 50 types of video you can make.

After watching this webinar, you will already be better at video, because it will remove the mystery and help you start thinking about the different ways you could use video for your organisation... and how to go about making it. 

To access the free webinar, simply enter your details below.

* These materials are given under copyright of Make Your Own Video Training Academy and are to be used only by you. They are not to be distributed to anyone else - either by email or in hard copy - or shared anywhere online. By providing your email address you agree to these conditions of use.

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